Our Company

ANG Contracting Inc. is an expert contractor fully licensed in the performance of its professional services. We specialize in repair and maintenance projects for both commercial and residential buildings. Our customer base includes homeowners, general contractors, property managers, condominium and apartment building owners, and other business owners.

ANG Contracting Inc. takes pride in its attention to craftsmanship and quality. We place tremendous value on our customers’ satisfaction, and we create life-long partnerships with them to ensure their property is maintained in a quality manner. We demand the same treatment from our suppliers. Our company policy is to work closely with a select group of vendors who provide us with the highest level of service. As a result, we are then able to pass that quality onto our customers. This partnership with our vendors allows us to satisfy any questions which you may have on our products or their application and installation.

My location

14 Bows Ln, Avon, MA 02322, EUA